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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Images to go with the color set

Today is B+W day for our color sets,
 Enjoy these imagesAnyone trying out the color sets?
 I picked these images to work with the "Ocean" colors.
I am looking forward to making a couple cards with this set! 

I hope you are having fun with this "color set"
Have a great day!!
Ginny M

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Word Art Wednesday and color prompts

If you read the blog earlier yesterday you will have missed the later  post about my color sets , you will want to go back to yesterday and read the post - there are some really beautiful free digitals!  Just read the post and you will understand  what I am doing

Today is Word is Wednesday! You can go check out the lovely devotion and 
the available prizes this awesome blog offers!/

I used our Color palette as a color prompt and this beautiful verse to make my card. I will enter the challenge when I post on my blog a little later! This would be a good opportunity to use the new pallet, the verse and enter for a prize over at Word Art Wednesday! Try it, you'll like it!!

I also included a picture of an attempt at using a die. I didn't like it...

I'm not crazy about the fussy dies.

Love these colors and using them - this is a new palette for me!!

I also have a bunch of new papers up for sale on the Studio Blog! including a set used for this card "summer rest".

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!
Ginny M

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Color Sets Series

I've started something new on my FB Christian Card Makers Group.  I think I will bring it here to see if this is something my readers would enjoy.  I've started building sets of Digital papers and images, quotes and verses all to be used as in a set - Putting things in a set makes it easier to group and find.  I think this might be a unique concept in the blogging world or at least I have not come across this type of set up.
So for the week I will be posting everyday a group of things to be added to the set and then hopefully a day of show and tell.  Want to give it a try?

Here is the Palette:  papers are last in the post due to size:

Todays images to work with:  All images are public domain art work.

 Papers are from Far Far Hill Blog

 the first set of "papers" , are 300dpi and printable in any size or make a great color palette tool!


I will posting yesterdays papers and today's images now.   
Tomorrow I will have a verse and card sketch!
I hope you enjoy these sets, Stop over to Far Far Hill and check out the tremendous offers there many are free.  You can also leave a donation to keep her blog up and running!
have a great day!!
Ginny M

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Color "rests" and Card making

 One thing that is very important with card making, because our canvas is quite small,  is that the eye needs places to rest.  With Color these resting space take milliseconds to happen.  The resting space allows time for the mind to process color and pattern the result is a feeling of pleasing design.  Look at the following cards as a simple example:
                                               I randomly grabbed a paper stack to make this example,                                             I wanted this to be a spontaneous card making, not a propped example 
This card is 5x7

I adapted a sketch pattern to fit this card

My first card layout without using a solid color , great patterns, it is nicely balance, but something looks not quite right, a little dull?

Next layout I used black to “frame” each paper and give the eye “rests”
Nothing fancy just simple straight layers

This is a seemingly small thing but it makes a big difference! The black frame not only gives the eyes "rest" it creates something to tie four busy patterns and a dramatic image together! I chose black for this card but I do use other colors, I just make sure they are darker than the body of the paper I am framing.  If I am framing a solid color, I almost always use black or white, for high contrasts.

I did add a bow for this card for interest.  I made this card for a young male birthday card.  

This is such a simple step, try making a card with and without the "rests" and See for your self!!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are have a great weekend!!
See you next week!
Ginny M

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekend Card Challenge

Thought I'd share my reluctant card challenge with you!  I made 16 cards from my stack

                                                                         here they are:

 That the stack challenge!  This was actually very relaxing to do!  Hope you enjoyed the peek,
Thanks for stopping by, 
Ginny M

Setting up templates

Yesterday I posted about using digitals, today I want to mention setting up a system of word processor templates to make your card making very efficient. 

I use Microsoft word as my word processor, long time ago I used a program called AmiPro and I loved it because it was so flexible! It was released in 1988 and I started using it in 1994.  This was a Lotus product and the first fully functional windows word processor.  Today it is totally outdated and not even on the market – so sad because Word still can’t so what it did for the Creative writing user.  Well I think it can’t!

I don’t have visuals for this post, but if you hang in there I will post a freebie!
I have set up two sets of templates and I leave two files containing the templates on my desk top to access them quickly.  
First file is the Base,
I have the following size templates set up . I precut my papers in these sizes, they are ready to go when I have a project to do.
Vertical half sheet – 4.25x 11
A2- 5.5x8.5
A6  - 6x9.5
A7- 7x10
Square 6x6
Then I have a file for interiors, I preset the margins to 1/3 inch and adjust the starting point depending on what I am printing
Vertical Half sheet 4.0x10.75
A2- 5.25x8.25
A6  - 5.75 x9.25
A7- 6.75x9.75
Square 5.75x 5.75
These also are precut and stacked next to their card stock exteriors

I have been using this system since 1994 and it really works for me.  I’ve had to update as I’ve had to upgrade software and yes that is a pain and I resist some forms of change just like everyone else!!
I hope this is helpful to you!
Have a great day, Ginny M

Monday, August 18, 2014

Digital elements and card making

Today I want to share something exciting in the Digital world that can be incorporated into your card making! Back in 2008-2009 a craze called digital scrapbooking became very popular, It still is and I've heard it may eventually overrun real paper and glue. I’m not a scrapper so I don’t know about that, what I do know is that genre has opened up a wonderful tool for my card making. 
There are MANY internet sites  that offer these elements for free or at a very low cost  Two of my favorites and and
These digitals are called “textures, kits, overlays, elements, illustrations, labels” and a plethora of other things all sounding like I knew I should have taken that Photoshop class!

The difference in these elements is that the are imposed on a transparent background – which means you can overlap (overlay) the images  to create a unique image from the original element. .
 Unlike a straight graphic file which has a opaque background

Working these images requires only an intermediate level of skill with your computer 
\Here are two  examples of a Digital overlay:  

You can also re-size and recolor in your software!

Here is a simple card I made 
using a simple image I made using direct printing:
My initial 

My 60 second card, 30 seconds to print, 30 second to embellish:

Here are two more cards  cutting and building:

Fristly your purchase/acquire the
set you would like to use:
They will have covers:

Pick your elements:

Re-size for your card

Print, cut and assemble
The card:

Here is one a bit more complicated:



The finished product:

 The color is off on this , but your you get the idea!

Digitals are another awesome tool in or creative treasure chest.  It does require developing skill  with your computer, But I think it is well worth the effort!  Long time ago we were astounded by the new trick of heat embossing, it took practice but we got it!  By the way, Heat embossing came from the printers world,  Art and Ink in any medium is Awesome!!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial ,
Have a great day!
Ginny M