Monday, July 6, 2015

Gray and Yellow

A current color trend in home decor and card making is soft shades of gray and a pastel.  They are very soothing and fun to work with.  On my Christian Card Makers group I did a color set of Grays and Yellows for everyone to work with this week , I'm bring a little of that here for you to enjoy and use in your card making.

I like to use digital papers and I like to use what I have, for these two cards I did both.

My image was a soft Asian painting of a yellow bird

I love this image however it could end up being a very dull focal point for a card

I lightened up a bit 

and then a bit more:

I kept the warm gray undertones

I selected a verse. 

I changed the sizing to fit the image

Next I worked up  digital paper layering

I didn't like it - too Blah.

 I printed my papers separately and began to build the card.

This is the first card with printed papers

This was so hard to photo, the bird image is printed on glossy and color enhanced with alcohol marker.

The second card I printed on laid paper and used a bit of paper that came as Birthday DAKS:

I think the most difficult thing about this card making was keeping the contrast levels balanced.  I tend to like very strong contrasts.  There is no right or wrong, we all have our personal preference.  I think when I started taking card making classes the cards the instructors were making had almost zero contrast, and I just couldn't get comfortable with those cards. We all respond to color and images in a  different ways, the important thing is to find what you love doing and then do it!!

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Ginny M

Saturday, July 4, 2015

My first Steam Punk Card with freebies and a font to make your own.

                    New Face Book group for card makers

I'm launching a new Face Book group for card makers,
Friendly and sharing Check it out!

In one of my groups we are swapping a steam punk cards.  I've never made a steam-punk card, I don't care to much for the Genre.  I don't like all the dreariness and sad faces generally found in steam-punk.  When I get a card I would like it to cheer me, inspire me, make me laugh, evoke some positive emotions.  Steam-punk in general makes me think of what happens when I eat heavy food right before bedtime.  All that being said I joined the swap to stretch myself a little.  My Friend Carol who also in this swap had me as her partner and I have already received her card (she was speedy!!)  and I have to say it is very, very pretty.  The first pretty SP I have seen and liked!!

Carols card:

Having received my card I thought it would be a good idea to get this done and off to my partner

Please feel free to use any of these images the are all public Domain.

I do have some T.H. stamps that might work creating Steam-punk, But I wanted images  with a little more interest and less exposure because my general colors were going to be a generally unexciting sepia.

Background image:

yes that is a picture of a Persian rug
I amped up the color a bit

My elements

a flying machine:

I cleared out the back ground, I saved this in a png format retaining its' transparency:
you can merge this anywhere over a surface and it will look like a stamped image. I did not clear it completly, the bit of background I left looked kinda cool and helped to make the flying machine pop and not get lost on the rug.

I wanted a person on the card that wasn't to depressed or malnourished looking:

The gal I planned on fussy cutting the background out.  You can change the color temperature to suit your preferences, this warm tone worked for my card.

I just happened to have in my stash a cog punch,  I have never used it and have put it in a box of things to sell a dozen times.  I wasn't sure if I even had it anymore, but I did!
Steam-punk needs gears ...

I worked up this (my simple quote) in the font called Impact Label from Dafont.
I have been downloading from Dafont for 10+ years and never had a problem!

You can change the color of the "tape" I made it a very deep brown for my card.

I also added a little bling and a few butterfly punches.

I wanted to keep strong contrasts on this card to hold the eye and keep it from being Blah.

Here is the card:

I added glitter and rhinestones liquid pearls and layers, the woman is on dimensional tape.
I printed the label saying on glossy photo paper so it looks like real label! 

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Ginny M

New Face Book group for card makers

I'm launching a new Face Book group for card makers,
Friendly and sharing Check it out!

Here is my RWB card for an OSA Challenge

Thanks for stopping by and happy 4th!!
Ginny M

Happy Independence Day USA!!

I've made and posted  Independence Day cards on my blog and DT teams for the last 3 years, with the usual as far as images and what you would expect in dialog from a military wife and mother. 
This year my post is from the Christian perspective.

This fourth I thought I'd make a card to help me express what I am feeling: 

I am thankful for the many blessings in my life and that of my family, I am thankful for the freedoms I enjoy every day.  But all of those things can be gone in a moment, without warning.  Very rarely do life changing events come with a coming soon announcement.

 I want to have right attitudes and motives. I can be the best I can be in every way. 
 I love my country and I love my God and I want to be in right relationship with both so no matter what comes I will still be free!
Have a great day and thank you for stopping by
Ginny M

I am also entering this in the Less is More R W B challenge

Friday, July 3, 2015

Oriental Stamp Arts tutorial and freebie

I just mailed two Oriental Stamp Art swap cards and thought I'd share my digital process with you.  feel free to save any of these for your stash.

The theme for this swap was "vases"  Who doesn't love a beautiful vase! 

I started out with three images:

I simply recolored them using my publisher software you can also do this in word or PE

I created this arrangement:
this also is download-able

I printed four of these sets and added a thick coat of Liquid Crystal
first to the plum vase

then to the blue and green pots

Fussy cut and added a silver liner to the trio
next  fussy cutting the plum vase and lining it.  I  adhered with dimensional foam tape the plum pot to the trio, they all look like glossy porcelain with the plum pot slightly more dimensional;

working the background papers:

making the base:

My finished cards!

I hope you find these tutorials helpful!
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Ginny M 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Really Red and Colour Me Challenge #78

I was reading my friend Crystal's blog AKA Super Stamp Girl yesterday and noticed she was a guest DT over at Colour Me Challenge blog, so going over to that blog I discovered it was  color prompt challenge blog, I love color prompts!  I thought I'd also like to introduce this color challenge blog to my FB group!

It just so happened that this weeks challenge was the color Red!

Earlier in the week I Left a couple of freebies here and said I was going to get a card made with one of them.
This was the image:

Perfect for making the Challenge card with!
And here it is:

This card has a little dimension

and a little gloss on the flower petals

The first background contained a sky and earth and then I reread the challenge rules: only color allowed was Red so I printed another background image paper!

I love doing challenges, it helps me stretch my art skills,
Give it a try, you'll like it too!
Thanks for stopping by 
Ginny M

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Word Art Wednesday

Today is my first Word Art Wednesday post as the newest member of the WAW Design team!
I couldn't be any happier to be a part of this design team. I consider it to be a honor and a privilege!

Our verse for today is from The Book of Joel chapter 2 verse 21. over on the Blog Karen has written a wonderful devotion, take a minute and read it you will be blessed!

Karen Murry digitized this verse in such a beautiful happy style of fonts, making this very usable for all kinds of cards.

I wanted my sample card reflect same joy and fruitfulness of the land. 

My first thought was a heat embossed stained glass look but I did not have any rubber stamps that give me the image I was looking for so I went digital

This was the image I started out with. This is a section of a Tiffany piece, I took out all the color that I could and retraced the lines with a black fine line Micro pen.  This is really simpler than it sounds, you can right click this and give it a try too.  
You might not think you want to until you see the end results!

Next I worked the coloring with Alcohol pens ( I use Spectrum Noir )

This is the back of the image showing the bleed through
I use Neenah Solar white - a nice smooth finish for alcohol marker coloring.
I think this looks  interesting just like this!

With the card all colored you can see that the coloring is quite smooth.  
To give it a stained glass look I use my own little trick:
I apply a fairly thick coat of Polycrylic, this is water-based but there is enough solvent in this to slightly lift the inks and that give the surface a swirly colored look just like vintage stained glass.

Here is the finished card:

You can see that slight bit of color lift and the random bleed it causes!  
This is a favorite card technique of mine.
The can of min wax is about $5.00 and lasts for years.  It dries fast and leaves a lovely layer of sheen on the card.

I hope you take the time to stop over to Word Art Wednesday and enter the challenge, 
don't forget to sent the card off make someones day! 
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Ginny M

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Focal points

Last week I won the random drawing over at Our Daily Bread Designs, Yay!  This meant a 15.00 gift certificate in their store.  In the event I would win the drawing I had a stamp set picked out. So when I won the drawing I had the new set ordered in about 15 minutes and it shipped that day which meant I would have it in time for this weeks drawing!! I was a little busy last week so the card Just got made and I will enter it in this weeks challenge!  
I don't enter a lot of challenges- about three a week, I see some cards are entered in a dozen or more, that is not for me.  I try to keep my card making on track with purpose - to encourage others, whether it a bible verse or just a pretty card I try to stay true to purpose. 
 I love  card making; it is a small scale art form that I can do and maybe teach others.  The whole process is very relaxing and gives me an opportunity to express my self, I like the idea of helping others to do that too!
Teaching is one of the purposes of this blog, I try to offer tips on card making, supply recommendations, and just fun random artsy stuff. 

Approaching card making as an art form gives the card maker a framework for creativity.  It isn't just slapping together papers, coloring a rubber stamp image schlocking it on a card base and adding a 'thinking of you' sentiment.  It may be that at first, but if this craft gets a hold of you, it becomes so much more!

There four basic elements I will be teaching a online class on in the near future :
Focal points
To produce beautiful cards you have to invest some time in understanding  these basics and then making them happen.

My card today (and entry in the Our Daily Bread Designs ), using my new stamp: I used the verse as the cards'  focal point.  This card is pretty simple when you look at it, but it contains layers and textures and a unique gate fold that makes this card very nice ( in my opinion).  I'll have to make an envelope to mail this card, and that will give me another opportunity for creativity.

When I started making cards I really had no style (that takes time) and I tried making cards at card classes, I just never felt happy with them ( I still go to card classes and think my cards flunk every time)  It really does take some time to develop as an artist and enjoy the process.  I still make lots of duds, but I have a great deal of fun in it along the way!
Stop over to the ODBD challenge and make a card, enter and you might win a stamp set too!  ODBD has lots of beautiful quality stamps in sentiments and images!

Here are two images for you that I think would make a beautiful focal points, two very different styles.

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M