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Thursday, December 18, 2014

More freebies, I'm out shopping!!

 More Freebies today!  If you are a Magenta fan like I am you will like these!!

Arent these Beautiful!!
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Ginny M

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Basicly because

Like everyone else I'm going in a lot of directions right now and to be honest while I am hoping to get through a certain level of middle aged woman brain fog, I am really having a good time! I don't have a tree up yet, the total sum of my household christmas decorations is pine around my soup tureen on the center of my dining room table and  a stash of beautiful Christmas cards  on the buffet that I need to hang up! I'm probably not going to go crazy with a tree - I didn't get  the living room painted last week - So most likely I will pop up the 4 footer on top of a chest in the living room. and that will be about it.  I'm not a humbug about Christmas, it is just that I live celebrating the Saviour all year long, the actual holiday of christmas is so far removed from what I celebrate I have a hard time getting caught up in it for one day a year according to the marketing industry.  But we will have a wonderful holiday, filled with family, friends and good food.  Right now I have bread baking and I just made a couple quarts of almond milk, I'm toasting the almond mulch from making the milk and that will go into bread and oatmeal mix once it is toasted up.  I enjoy the festive pause the world takes during this time, But I never put Jesus Away till next year, as it is written; In Him we live and move and have our being.

While I'm baking and gift making, I have some fun freebies for you to color:

Now that my christmas cards are done and long gone, I am working on next years batch of anniversary cards for our church family, this is trickier than you might think!  Stay tuned..

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Ginny M

Monday, December 15, 2014

For Friends

It seems like a season of my friends going through crisis, Health, Marriages, Children, Parents, Careers .  It seems to be widespread and not just in my circles, the groups are requesting more cards to encourage than ever before, for both young and old.  In an effort to help support my friends and some of these extended relationships, I am beginning to make more get well and thinking of you and praying for you cards  and having them ready.  I have been making cards for Troops for a few years and began this year working with Chemo Angels.  I am starting with a closer circle and working outwards. This is why I make cards, to encourage.  To bring a comforting bible verse or quote , hope and light.

I made these yesterday, no embellishments, the painting is beautiful enough!

I think we are all Braver than we believe, Stronger than we realize , smarter than we thing and loved more than we know.    I hope these cards  will remind my friends of this and my love for them!
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Ginny M

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Busy with the Holidays, just like everyone else!

This week has kept me busy with making and addressing Christmas cards!  How about you?
I mailed out 124 regular Christmas cards and 32 Asian Christmas cards for my Oriental Stamp Arts group.  I Love sending out CHRISTmas cards,  it is a final opportunity for me to talk about my wonderful Saviour.  When I think of how polluted our world is with hate and violence, so much so that we even call it entertainment, it makes me hang my head out of shame for what man is becoming.  But then there is still that star, that beautiful guiding light that makes me lift my eyes and remember that in 3 AD, there was a gentle cry, of God made manifest in flesh, come to bring peace and goodwill to all men.

I'd like to challenge you all, turn the tv off one night and read the real Christmas story , you'll  find it in the Gospel of Luke or Matthew.

Thank you for stopping by, Merry Christmas Season!
Ginny M

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I took the plunge and ordered a Pitney Bowes postage meter.  I had been planning on doing this for some time and was waiting for a really good deal to come along.  I ordered the machine last week and it arrived yesterday!  I set the machine up first with a LAN connection and then with WiFi, as per the instructions.    My first attempt at setting these types of connections up manually, it wasn't difficult.

The machine takes up about a cubic foot of space , so this makes it very easy to find an area in my small workroom.  Tt weighs things up to 5 lbs. , metered 1st class postage is .48 per ounce, so there is a saving there. you can order more postage via the internet, you can print directly or on postage tapes.

This is my first outgoing!  I picked the holiday banner.  

Since it is a freezing raining day here, I plan on getting my christmas cards out, the meter came at just the right time!!

I hope you are having a great day!!
Ginny M

Friday, December 5, 2014

Oriental Stamp Art Challenge

At the group "OSA" we have challenges every week and believe me they are challenging! I love them because I  fall into a style groove all to easily!  This weeks challenge revolves around Christmas, here is the Challenge Script:

This week we prepare for the holidays.  Many members send oriental themed cards to friends during this time period.  Your challenge this week is to create a holiday inspired oriental card.  The card does not have to say Merry Christmas on it. The focus is on what this time of year means to you, your wishes to others, etc.  

This year I made a more faith based card that last year and I am happy with how it turned out,
Here it is:

I just noticed you can hardly see the "Blessed" stamp in this photo!

last years:

if you enjoy Asian themed art and would be interested in joining and awesome group with swaps, contests prizes and lots of good conversation, send me and email and I will give you the details!
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Ginny M