Saturday, April 18, 2015

Patterned paper card

Sometimes the paper is just pretty you don't need toad another image for a focal point.
Remember your early card making days when you didn't even know what a focal point was?
I do, but then I used to make stamps by carving raw potatoes!  It worked!

I have a stack in my stash called Cherry blossom, I'm not sure who made it.  The papers are so pretty and unusuall they can really stand alone for card making.  I belong to a group called Tanoushi Swappoua, Japanese for 'beautiful swaps'.  It isn't an Asian art group only like OSA , but we do do a lot of Asian style cards.

This swap was themed Cherry Blossom.  When I signed up I had just this paper in mind along with a stamp .

This is a lovely Magenta Stamp # 0643P if you are interested. I love magenta stamps and not only do I use them to stamp with but I collect the as well, it is the only brand that I collect.  They went in to business in 1992 and I bought my first stamp from them in 1994, it was love at first sight.  Sometimes it is a love -hate relationship because they can be a pain to get a good image from!! you you use Magenta stamps you will know what I mean!

The papers

You might look at this and wonder how I can pull these three together?   The answer is: I couldn't !!

trying tp place that image anywhere on these two papers would have bee a disaster, so I opted to not use the stamp, but copy the look of it.

I prepared my 5x6 base

and began  fussy cutting my focal image:

a few minutes later and here is my card:

I actually managed to get my sentiment fully inked and straight!

 I hope your weekend is going well!  Steve and I are enjoying a weekend at Cape Cod!
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Improvised Washi tape and OSA Challenge # 317

This weeks Challenge over at OSA involved making a tag with washi tape.  Only problem, I don't own any washi tapes so I improvised using the cover of a 6x6 paper pad!!

Making my Faux Washi using a cover to a 6x6 paper pad:

This requires a lot of skill. Okay maybe no skill....

And here is the finished project!

I hope you are having a great day!
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Word Art Wednesday entry

I especially love this weeks beautiful gift verse over at Word Art Wednesday.
 When I read it I instantly had a image in my mind and one I know I don't have in rubber.  
This verse brought back the time to me of when I was searching,  

This beautiful image reminds me of that desert walk in my life, and when I found Him,
The explosion of Joy I felt then and still today 35 years later.   

Here is my card:

Stop over to Word Art Wednesday and  read Karens' beautiful devotion and leave a little love. 
Make a card, drop it in the mail and make someones day!
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Ginny M

Mid week Project

Some of you will totally not relate to this post and may think I need to take a chill pill. 
If that is you, I'd love to know your secret!
I also know I say some of the same things over and over (I've raised three kids - that is a given). My mantra: Organize what you have, so you know what you have, so you can use what you have!

Some day I may have a craft room like this:

But right now it is a  9x11 room I am very happy to have.
So I have to keep things organized and in order

In the last two weeks I have cranked out two sets of wedding stationary including  the calligraphy and images on the envelopes, that is over 400 pieces in two weeks, and these were multi layered, very detailed, lots and lots of papers, inks and glues.
I have another dozen projects to move on to.  I ahve to stay organized to stay productive.

Part of my card making style is using lots of layers and printed papers , so I have lots and lots of paper.  Last Summer in an effort to make using my 12x12  pads easier to use . I chopped them up into 6x6 pads.  That worked, I really am glad I did that but that left me with another problem, How to keep those organized.  
I read posts on organizing by color a, theme, brand and thought about going the color route.  But then that might really take a long time to do and what about those colors you can't decide what color it really is? I know this is as my oldest son would say a totally 1st world problem, but it becomes a waste of resources if you don't use what you have and I do not want to waste our money or our time!

So I thought about it and last week I came up with a solution!  

I'm going to share it with you, The only way I can describe it is a simple indexing system.

This is what I am starting with , 5 drawers of  6x6 pads of paper that have been chopped from 12x12 pads.  I might remember what I have, but finding anything was becoming a problem. 

 This indexing system solved both problems and it only took about 6 hours to do.




This was really very simple
I sorted all the pads and put like together, some of the chops had ended up in more than one place;

Then I made Tags and labled them  - nothing fancy

here you see #29 the 3 means drawer 3

 each set of papers has a corresponding label from the index

using one of the cover sheets I create the index tag, so now I know what I have and where it is

I placed the indexed cards in a basket, and miscellaneous papers to work with.  There is no problem to add in new sets.

That basket goes on a counter, behind it are a few 8x8 pads I have,

These 6x6 pads work great for my personal card making 

I still keep pads in the 12x12 format.
I use the 12 x12's for kit making, Journal/book making, DT work, Batches of cards for sale and things like that.

So that is how I store my printed papers, I hope you find this helpful, I really like having an index and making this happen was pretty easy.

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Ginny M 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Making a splatter

I've been wanting to do something a little more playful in my card making.  I wrote down on a list a few new things to work with to improve my overall card making/art for the next couple of months; Sewing on cards, using corrugate card board, spritz and sprays, and using dies and layering.

I'm starting with sprays and splatters mainly because Less is More is having a splatter challenge ,

So I grabbed my splattery stuff which I really don't know how to use and then splatterd it on my craft mat.  It looks easier on youtube..

Spritz the mat and smoosh the paper

Well, not very exciting 

So I tried a different set of inks.

Again, not very nice...

So I  Left the water base ink and decided to try alcohol inks

I like this better, it was very interesting how the paper absorbed the ink.  I will save this piece for another card

Alcohol inks, Ranger Color Wash and Glimmer Spray.

So I thought I'd try distress in with a splatter stamp.



 Same stamp using pigment ink

So I went back to old stand by - watercolors!

Old habits hard to break, this is a color wash is not a splatter!

So I wet the brush and splashed the paint on the paper

A few sheets later I had what I was looking for 
and here is the card!

I was all ready to post this and link this up, Then I read the fine print over at Less is More and realized this had to be a one layer card. So back to the drawing board.  But to make it quick I used distress ink dauber.
And here is my card

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Ginny M

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Quilty card technique

I entered Oriental Stamps arts Challenge #316 today and got my card in just under the wire.  
This weeks card required doing a modified simple quilt technique.   
 This card took me about 5 minutes to make. 
I will show you the card first stand then go through the steps:

The challenge required these triangly shaped pieces and a stamped image and embellishments.

I picked out may papers:

Decided which colors I wanted where and glued the first area down.  This looks like a lot of glue but it really wasn't .  I use Lineco glue, it works beautifully, it is made for handmade book making.

In this next step I make sure I line my corners to the edge of the paper as I cut my base to the exact size I needed. This reminds me a lot of quilting..

Adding each piece leaving a margin of about 1/8th inch

Here is the reverse side.

Cutting it down to fit

the finished piece reverse

I glued the base paper onto the card base added the  embellishments.

you should give this a try it is loads of fun and a good way to use scarps!!
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Ginny M